Sightseeing In Luxor

  • Karnak Temple
    Located on the East Bank of the Nile, it is the largest religious complex built by man on earth. It extends for 200 Acers and encompasses several temples. The major temple is dedicated to God Amun Ra, father of fathers & king of kings, as the Egyptians once called him. The tour in the temple will take at least 2 hours.


  • Luxor Temple
    Located in the heart of Luxor city. The temple is dedicated to the same gods as Karnak. The unique feature of this temple is it closes at 9 PM, which means you can go after sunset to enjoy the floodlit effect on the walls. Definitely worth an evening visit


  • Karnak Sound & Light Show
    A major performance showing Karnak Temples by night. Visitors are taken from one section of the temple to another while narration tells you what happened here thousands of years ago.


  • Valley of the Kings
    Located on the Western bank of the Nile, it is the burial ground of Ancient Pharaohs. It was first used in 1600 BCE and lasted until 1000 BCE. There are 63 tombs in the Valley with magnificent decorated walls and well preserved colours. This is a place where you need to spend at least 2 hours. It is very important to have an Egyptologist with you, otherwise nothing would make sense.


  • Valley of the Queens
    Located close to the king's valley, this was the burial place of both Queens & royal family members. it has 77 tombs most of which are closed because they are either too small or looted. The colours on the walls of the open tombs are far better preserved than King's valley.


  • Dier El Bahari
    Located on the Western bank of the Nile, this is the funeral temple of Queen Hatshipsuite, who was ruling Egypt 3500 years ago. Her temple is a masterpiece of ancient architecture with beautiful colours still visible on its walls.
    Here you need at least an hour.