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Aswan Day Tours

Aswan located 900 k.m south of Cairo, 200 K.M south of Luxor city, Aswan considered the most attractive region in Egypt with its beautiful sightseeing, we can offer you a Day tour packages with professional tour guides in order to explore the ancient culture of Upper Egypt, such as; Abu-Simbel temple, Philae Temple, kalabsha Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, the Nubian village, the unfinished obelisk, Naser lake, and the High dam. with Explore Egypt Tours Team we promise you to enjoy Aswan!

Common questions

what can be visited in Aswan?
Aswan city has a natural beauty where you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the Nile River in Egypt ever passing in front of the unparalleled monuments dating back to different historical times such as:-The monuments dating back to the ancient Egyptian civilization are such as Unfinished Obelisk and Abu Simbel Temples. - The monuments dating back to the Greco-Roman period are such as   Temple Of Edfu,  Kom Ombo Temple, and Philae Temple. - The monuments dating back to modern history are such as Aswan High Dam, Nasser Lake, Mausoleum of the Aga Khan, Nubian Museum, Botanical Garden, and The Nubian Village. 
What is the origin of Aswan word?
Aswan is derived from the ancient word (swan) which means the market because it is located in an important commercial site where the main trade route between Egypt and the southern lands.
What is the history of Aswan?
Aswan had a great position during the ancient Egyptian history. It was the starting point of the military and commercial campaigns to African countries. Additionally, Aswan has several quarries holding different kinds of rocks such as granite, sandstone, and quartzite used during the ancient Egyptian history for establishing several monuments.Aswan city was the center for worshipping the god Khnum during the ancient Egyptian civilization, but in the Greco-Roman period, Isis became the main goddess of this city.After the establishing of Aswan High Dam, Aswan became the home for Nubians who decided to stay in that place escaping from the waters flooded their land. Nubia is famous for rescuing the Nubian monuments during the building of the High Dam by UNESCO.