It is located on the Egyptian border with Libya so it was an important point on the trading route between the Western Desert and the Nile Valley. It is considered an isolated oasis so its community still maintaining its customs and traditions.

What is Farafra Oasis famous for?

When you visit Farafra Oasis, you will able to be enjoying with doing desert safari to the White and Black Deserts that contain wind-carved chalk rocks and the Crystal Mountain.


Do not miss to visit Badr’s Museum. It is a large mud-brick house display Farafra’s community habits.

Farafra Oasis is famous for therapeutic tourism whereas it has sulfurous wells treating some respiratory problems.

As all Egyptian oases, Farafra Oasis is famous for the groves of dates and olives.

What is unique in the white desert?

The White Desert is divided into the old white desert (Mushrooms & tents area) and the new white desert with its all lovely limestone formations. This desert in ancient times was covered with the sea that led to some of it containing seashells.

What is unique in the black desert?

The black desert contains mountains formed from black stones and rocks resulting from volcanoes.