Kharga Oasis is the capital of New Valley Governorate. It is also known as the Outer Oasis referring that it is the farthest oasis outside Cairo.

As all Egyptian oases, Kharga Oasis was an important transit point for desert caravans.

What is Kharga Oasis famous for?

Hibis Temple was built during the 26th dynasty. This temple distinguishes with showing ancient Egyptian, Persian, and Greco-Roman art. It dedicated to worshiping the triad The Museum of Antiquities of Al Kharga.

The Museum of Antiquities of Kharga Oasis displays collections dating back to the pre-history period discovered in Kharga Oasis.

The Cemetery of Bagawat was a center for Egyptian Christians who escaped from the Roman persecution during the 7th century AD; also it has the cemetery of these Christians. This place takes its name from its architecture style whereas its tombs take the shape of domes or “Qubwat” changing to Bagawat in the Arabic language. Additionally, the cemetery has one of the oldest and important churches in the world.

The Temple of Qaser Al Zayyan was built during the Ptolemaic period. This temple was dedicated to worshiping Amun Ra.