Also known as the Synagogue of Rav Moshe – one of the historic synagogues in Egypt that was built in the 10th century. The Maimonides Synagogue was later named after the famous Jewish philosopher, rabbi, and physician Maimonides. Furthermore, Maimonides’ original tomb is believed to be located within the building. In the synagogue, you will also see two prayer and ritual areas. It also shows the Bible that Maimonides allegedly wrote himself. Synagogues in Egypt have been closed and neglected for decades.

Nevertheless, the Egyptian government allocated $71 million to restore Jewish sites, including synagogues in Cairo and Alexandria. The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has been able to promote Jewish cultural heritage and antiquities as an integral part of Egyptian treasures. There are more than 9 synagogues in Egypt, which will give you a glimpse into the Jewish community in Egypt for decades.