A Spanish delegation consisting of 14 doctors in different specialties visited, on Sunday, the New Valley Governorate to explore its potential in health tourism, and to send a message to the whole world that desert tourism and Egypt, in general, are safe. The visit comes within the framework of efforts to promote medical tourism as the most prominent type of tourism that characterizes the governorate with its natural and environmental components, which qualifies it for global competition among the most famous tourist destinations in this field. The delegation was accompanied by the Governor of the New Valley, Muhammad al-Zamalot. Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Tourism Affairs, Ghada Shalaby. Essam El-Kady, Vice President of Egypt Safari. Amr Sedky, former head of the Parliament’s Tourism Committee. Hani Mustafa, Vice President of the General Authority for Health Insurance. several representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB), and the governorate; Many heads of Egyptian universities. And businessmen. The delegation began its visit by inspecting the natural silk production project and agricultural greenhouses, praising the initiatives of land reclamation and the expansion of the farm area. Then they visited the tombs of Al-Bajwat and the Temple of Hebes, which is the only remaining Egyptian temple from the Persian-Sawy era, and includes archaeological monuments representing the different historical eras, Pharaonic, and Persian On the sidelines of the visit of the Spanish delegation to the province, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, a conference was held for marketing and promoting health tourism in the New Valley.
The conference discussed the most important natural assets that the governorate enjoys, which made it a distinguished destination for health tourism. Visions for the advancement of this sector were also presented. Several pioneering experiences were reviewed in treating skin diseases and psoriasis with natural herbs, which the province is distinguished for its cultivation.

The conference began with a child dressed in traditional costume who presented simply the potential of the province in tourism, followed by a short film showcasing the potential of tourism in the New Valley. Then the main speakers began, where he presented the Governor of the New Valley, Muhammad Al-Zamalot, and talked about the various capabilities that the governorate enjoys and the reinforcements that the governorate witnessed during the last period.

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Tourism Affairs, Ghada Shalaby, said that medical tourism in the desert areas is one of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities interests. Egypt is rich in many natural and archaeological elements, which include tangible or intangible human heritage represented in antiquities and natural landmarks such as plants, which Egypt is interested in preserving and promoting in other countries.