The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities illuminates the great pyramid of Cheops in Giza plateau on Monday evening on March 30th, 2020 for conveying a message of solidarity with the Egyptian government and the whole world that is Stay Home and Stay Safe, for urging citizens to stay in their homes for protecting themselves and their families and reducing the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 among citizens and fighting this virus outbreak.

Besides, The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities did not forget to thank doctors and nurses with a message of solidarity and appreciation for them that is (Thank you to those keeping us safe). They are working very hard for day and night to protect us and treat patients in hospitals when we are staying home, as well as the army, and policemen deployed during the curfew.

It is important to be mentioned that World Tourism Organization praised procedures taking by Egypt for reducing the outbreak of coronavirus to be one of the least countries where this pandemic has spread according to the World Health Organization (WHO) due to its people’s awareness, the efforts of its government and doctors, and Egypt’s commitment to the WHO guidelines.

Khalid al-Anani (Minister of Tourism and Antiquities) said that The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is working very hard to prepare hotels, cruises, monuments, and museums to be ready to welcome you in Egypt as soon as possible. See the procedures taken by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for getting ready to welcome its tourists from this video.

Additionally, The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities lights the Cairo Tower on April 4th, 2020 with another message for the world (Stay Home Stay Safe)

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