Egypt is Africa’s heart … So all your peaceful steps will lead you to our land, Egypt 2019

Egypt and Africa are strongly correlated. Egypt’s location in the North East of Africa makes it Africa’s gate to Asia, Europe and North and South America. Since the dawn of history, Pharaonic Egypt has always been trying to solve the riddle of the River Nile. It also sought to activate relations with other nearby African kingdoms.

During the Islamic era, the Egyptian African relations took a significant dimension as various Africans came to study in al-Azhar, including Ibn Khaldun from Tunisia, al-Gabarti from Ethiopia, al-Zela’i and al-Herari from Somalia, and al-Takrouri from West Africa, among others.

In this respect, the corridors of Al-Azhar carried the name of some of its sons; such as al-Takrouri corridor which represents West Africa and al- Maghareba Corridor which represents the Arab Maghreb, al-Borondia Corridor which represents Chad and its neighboring countries, al-Gabartia Corridor which represent Ethiopia and Eritrea, al-Ziale’a Corridor which represents Somalia, and al-Senaria Corridor which represents Sudan.

During Mohamed Ali’s era, various Egyptian explorations and expeditions were carried to Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, and northern Uganda.

African and Arab peoples possess various potentials and wealth that can contribute to pushing the wheel of development in the near future forward. 

Egypt is Africa’s heart … So all your peaceful steps will lead you to our land, Egypt.