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Luxor Day Tours

Homer described Luxor city in ancient times as the city of hundred gates referring to its greatness and its huge buildings. Luxor is considered as the world’s greatest open-air museum because it holds two-thirds of the landmarks of the world. Most of these unparalleled monuments date back to ancient Egyptian history.

Luxor city is divided into two parts:

Common questions

What is the ancient history of Luxor city?
The Thebes city was located in this place. This city was the capital of ancient Egypt many times whereas it was the capital during the first part of the middle kingdom (the 11th dynasty) and in the New Kingdom.The golden age of this city was during the new kingdom because it was the seat of the rule for kings who ruled this empire extended from Libya to Khita. That began when Ahmose defeated Hyksos, expelled them from Egypt, and began the 18th dynasty.
What are the names of Thebes city?
This city had different names during the Egyptian history.It was called in ancient times with (Waset) means Sceptre referring that it is the seat of rule. It is also known as Pr Amun means (the House of Amun) because it was the center for worshiping the god Amun.When the Greeks came to Egypt, they called it Thebes.When the Arabs entered Thebes city, they called its temples with Luxor that is an Arabic word meaning palaces.