You will see one of the oldest churches in Cairo dating back to the nineteenth century AD. It is one of the most important tourist attractions; Because it still holds great importance in the contemporary history of Judaism. Ben Ezra Synagogue was originally known as the Levantine Church. It is located behind the famous Hanging Church in the Old Cairo area. Going back to its history, it was originally a Christian church that was sold to the Jews in 882 AD. Ibrahim bin Ezra bought it for 20,000 dinars. It came from Jerusalem during the reign of Ahmed Ibn Tulun. It is believed that the site of the Ben Ezra Synagogue is the place where the “chest of the child Moses” was found and taken by the wife of the pharaoh at that time. You will see a wonderful rectangular building with two floors. The first is for men and the second is for women. Its entrance is located on the north side. The Ben Ezra Synagogue is characterized by unique geometric decorations dating back to the era of the Turkish rulers that you have not seen before. You can see it in the side halls with patterns such as star patterns, pentagonal patterns, and rectangles. Various floral motifs were also used as a background for these geometric patterns. They were also found around the Star of David in the middle of the ceiling.