Unforgettable Safari in Siwa in 6 places

 Unforgettable Safari in Siwa The enigmatic Siwa Oasis is situated on the outskirts of the Great Sand Sea. only 50 kilometers from Egypt’s border with Libya. Siwa is a little town in comparison to Cairo, which has a population of 25 million people. Siwan District has a population of around 25,000 people and appears to […]

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White and Black desert

4 Amazing Facts about White and Black desert. The white sand desert stretches for 20 kilometers. It is crossed by the road linking Bahariya and Farafra. A sparkling hill known by locals as “Crystal Mountain” marks the entrance to this mineral site. The ocean floor has been here for millions of years. The white rocks […]

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Top Day Tours in Siwa Oasis, Egypt: Discover a Hidden Gem in the Sahara

Safari in Siwa Oasis: The 10 most famous places in Siwa. Unearth Egypt’s hidden gem. Siwa Oasis offers a day filled with ancient temples, therapeutic springs, and stunning sunsets. Renowned for its stunning landscapes, ancient history, and rich cultural heritage, Egypt has always held a fascination for travellers. Beyond the pyramids of Giza and the […]

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