If you like to learn about the Nubian civilization.  You can first walk around the museum building, as it is surrounded by gardens, trees, and some caves. The place also includes some huge artifacts. Then you can wander inside the halls of the Nubian Museum, which is where you will see everything related to Nubian culture and civilization and contains pieces that represent thousands of years ago.  The museum also displays the importance of the ancient Nubian civilization and its quarries, as it included the attractive quarries of diorite, which was considered a source of charming gemstones.  You will also see animal models of many shapes and sizes, especially horses that appear attractive. And don’t forget during your tour of the Nubian Museum Aswan to pass through the Nubian Industries Hall, where the paintings you explain, such as the shipbuilding. The museum also includes the Hall of Islamic Civilization and the Hall of Roman Civilization and other civilizations that influenced the Nubian civilization, which deserves your visit.  And conclude your tour by taking some pictures of the displayed jewels, crowns, precious stones, tools, household utensils, pottery, and copper pieces dating back thousands of years. The Kalabsha Temple or the Temple of Mandulis is widely known for being the second largest and characterized by very strong Pharaonic and Roman architecture that makes it come to all lovers of ancient Pharaonic architecture. The value of temple is very historical and important, so take the opportunity and don’t miss visiting it.

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