Wonderful National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Egypt.

Have you visited the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization before? 

Seize the opportunity before you miss your incredible archaeological journey to discover all that is new  . The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is a large museum in the ancient city of Fustat. If you visit it, you will get an overview of everything related to the Egyptian civilization, and this museum highlights the great Egyptian civilization You can see the contents of the museum when you visit because it contains many charming artifacts, and these pieces make it easier for you to understand the Egyptian civilization easily, and the museum represents an irreplaceable opportunity for those who wish to learn about the different eras of Egypt, such as the ancient Egyptian era and the Greek era.  and the Roman era and the Coptic and Islamic eras through the modern era.

Let’s get acquainted with the most important antiquities in the museum that you must see

– a group of statues

– Mashrabiya and some plaster windows

– Nursing figurine and birthing board

-50 niches from the Islamic era

– The skeleton of the mummy’s foot

–   The statues of kings such as Amenemhat III

The museum is wonderful and a charming example of the Egyptian civilization that must visit to get to know our ancient civilizations in a short time.

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