Al Minya – Beni Hassan

Beni Hassan lies on the East bank on the Nile River in Al Minya Governorate. It is a necropolis containing approximately 39 tombs belonging to the military ‎leaders and local rulers from the Middle Kingdom, but there are just four tombs opened for public. These tombs were carved in a limestone hill. The Beni Hassan […]

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Al Minya – Tell Al-Amarna

Explore with Explore Egypt Tours one of the ancient Egyptian capitals. Tell Al-Amarna is the remains of King Akhenaton capital. It is situated on the east bank of the Nile River in Al Minya Governorate. What is the origin of the name of Tell Al-Amarna? The ancient Egyptians knew this city with name Akhetaten meaning […]

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Al Minya – Tuna El-Gebel

Tuna El-Gebel city is situated in Al Minya Governorate. It is AKA Tuna Necropolis. It is thought that this city was used for the first time during the king Akhenaten period, but the golden age of Tuna El-Gebel city was during the late period and the Greco-Roman period as it became a necropolis for the […]

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