Amazing Philae Island and Philae Temple in Aswan.

When Philae Temple was built?

The monuments of Philae include many structures from the Ptolemaic Period (332-30 BC). The most notable of these is a temple founded by Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285-246 BC) and dedicated to Isis, the mother of Horus, the god of kingship. In the mammisi, or birth room, where Horus’ birth was celebrated, Isis is shown suckling her son Horus in the marshes.

The temple of Isis was one of the last ancient Egyptian temples to remain active, as it continued to function until the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I (527–565 AD), who ordered the foreclosure of all pagan temples. It is here that a priest of Isis named Esmet-Akhom carved the very last dated hieroglyphic inscription, which dates to the late 4th century AD (394 AD). The temple was converted into a Christian church and many inscriptions were deliberately destroyed.

How the Philae Temple Monument was nearly flooded by the Aswan Dam and the Nile River ?

The Aswan Dam was built in 1960 and was designed to help control flooding along the Nile River. The dam also provided electricity to many parts of Egypt and Sudan. However, it threatened many historical sites along the river, including Philae Temple. The rising waters would have completely submerged this ancient monument if not for an international effort to save it.

In 1959, UNESCO launched an international campaign to save Philae Temple from being flooded by the Aswan Dam and Nile River. The campaign involved several countries worldwide coming together to raise funds for an ambitious project: moving Philae Temple away from its current location on an island in the Nile River to another nearby island that would be safe from flooding.

The project was successful, as engineers could move all of the temple’s blocks without damaging them. They then reconstructed them on their new island home, Agilkia Island, which was located just 500 meters away from its original location on Philae Island. This relocation saved Philae Temple from being flooded by both the Aswan Dam and the Nile River.

Visitors can still see this incredible monument on Agilkia Island, preserved since its relocation in 1960. It reminds us how international cooperation can help keep our cultural heritage even during significant change or danger.

Philae Temple is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is open for visitors year-round to appreciate its unique beauty and history firsthand. It serves as a reminder that even though modernity may threaten our cultural heritage at times, we can still unite as a global community to protect it for future generations.

Philae Island

Since the city of Aswan is one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt, it is important to know the most important activities that can be done inside Philae island;  It is possible to organize a cruise to reach the island of Agilika, where the Temple of Philae is currently located. A small boat ride on the Nile has its pleasure, and during the boat, the island appears to you with its dense trees, then high solid, and luxurious towers appear, which are the pillars of the temple, then we see the procession of priests wearing white clothes. When you go to the island of Philae, you will see many temples, the most important of which is the Temple of Philae, but it also contains a temple dedicated to the worship of the god Hathor, which is located 50 meters from the Temple of Isis. In addition to the chapel of Nectanebo I, and the chapel of Taharqa, which was founded for Isis.

You can practice activities inside the Philae Temple, including attending the famous sound and light shows by directing lights on the temples, while telling the stories of the Egyptian gods, which are a narration of the story of the gods Osiris and Isis in different languages, including English, French, and German; in addition to telling the story of the birth of their son Horus, which  Painted in the birth room of the temple;  The entire temple is a wonderful oil painting so take the opportunity and visit the temple to see these historical masterpieces.

Philae Temple

You can enjoy a cruise toward the island of Agilika, where the Temple of Philae Aswan is located, and you will see stunning landscapes.  Then, in addition to a walking tour to the huge Philae temple complex, which is distinguished by its architectural style and covers most of the area of ​​the island of Agilika. Then you will visit the Philae Aswan temple from the inside, where you will be amazed by the enormity of the building that deserves to take many unique souvenir photos.  You will visit the Temple of Isis built in honor of the goddess Isis

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