Amazing Bahariya Oasis 4 Facts about beauty place in Egypt.What is the importance of Bahariya Oasis throughout history?

The history of Bahariya Oasis started since the ancient Egyptian civilization whereas it was the center of wine production in ancient Egypt. Its importance increased during the Greco-Roman period whereas it was used as a trading route and began producing a lot of goods such as cereals, dates, olive oils, and wine.

What is Bahariya Oasis famous for?

Bahariya Oasis is famous for safari trips because it is the closest oasis to Cairo allowing enjoys the fascinating White, Black Deserts, and the Crystal Mountain.

It has Al Marun Lake containing rare birds, as well as many hot springs.

Additionally, there is a new archaeological discovery called the valley of the Golden Mummies that are wealthy necropolis holding almost 10,000 mummies dating back to the Roman period. This valley is one of the unique necropolises that worth visiting to enjoy seeing the decorations mixing between Roman and ancient Egyptian mythology.

El Bawiti Museum or Mummy hall displays the customs and traditions community of Bahariya Oasis.

What is unique in the White Desert?

The White Desert is divided into the old white desert (Mushrooms & tents area) and the new white desert with its all lovely limestone formations. This desert in ancient times was covered with the sea that led to some of it containing seashells.

What is unique in the Black Desert?

The black desert contains mountains formed from black stones and rocks resulting from volcanoes.

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