Wonderful Abdeen Palace 3 Facts about oldest palace in Egypt

Egypt has numerous royal museums built by Mohammad Ali Pasha and his dynasty of kings and princes, including Al-Gawhara Palace in the Al-Qalaa area, Mohammad Ali Pasha Palace in the Shubra El-Khaima area, Abdeen Palace, and El-Qobba Palace.

Abdeen Palace is one of the magnificent palaces in Egypt dating back to Muhammad Ali Pasha’s family. It is located in the Downtown of Cairo city.

When was Abdeen Palace built?

Abdeen Palace Construction

Abdeen Palace was constructed as part of Khedive Ismail’s ambitious plan to create a modern Cairo comparable to modern European cities. When he ascended to Egypt’s throne in 1863, he ordered the construction of the palace. Abdeen Palace was named after Abdeen Bey, a military commander under Mohammad Ali Pasha who lived there. After Abdeen Bey died, Khedive Ismail purchased the palace from his widow. He demolished and expanded its area to 24 acres, constructing the current Abdeen Palace, which is considered one of Cairo’s architectural masterpieces. The palace’s construction took 10 years to complete.

Abdeen Palace is an example of European architecture in Egypt, designed by the French architect Rousseau to resemble the European palaces of the time. Khedive Ismail commissioned several architects from around the world to complete the palace’s construction before the Suez Canal opened in 1869. Nevertheless, the 500-room palace was finished in 1874.

Abdeen Palace Description

Abdeen Palace consists of two levels. The first floor houses the haramlik and salamlik. The palace’s garden and a pharmacy of rare medicines can be found on the ground floor, while the former royal printing house and King Farouq’s office are located opposite.

The palace also has several halls painted white, red, and green to welcome official delegations during their visits to Egypt. The Mohammad Ali Hall is the largest and most opulent room in Abdeen Palace. It was built in the Arabic Islamic style and features a unique, accurate inscription inlaid with marble, granite, and amber.

The Palace also boasts exquisite Italian, Turkish, and French designs and decorations, as well as a collection of rare paintings and gold-plated furniture.

What is the history of Abdeen Palace?

Khedive Ismail bought a small mansion named Abdin palace was owned by Abdin Bey (One of the leaders of the army during Muhammad Ali Pasha period) in 1863 to construct a new palace to be the seat of rule, so Khedive Ismail keened to make this palace expressing modern Egypt through its architecture, furniture, and antiquities.

Khedive Ismail named the new palace on the name of its old owner to be (Abdeen Palace).

Abdeen Palace remained the seat of rule from the period of Khedive Ismail to 1952 revaluation.

What do Abdeen Palace Museums display?

Abdeen Palace Museums exhibit the royal collection possessed by the royal family of Muhammad Ali Pasha, which are:

1 – The Silver Ware Museum displays unparalleled collections of silverware, crystal, and Gallier were owned and used by the royal family.

2 – The Gallery of Historical Documents exhibits rare and unique documents showing the political, social, and economic aspects at that time.

3 – Museum of Arms that is the biggest part of Abdeen Palace. It contains different types of arms.

It was built by King Farouk. It houses a variety of weaponry collections, including several Egyptian guns owned by King Farouk as well as a number of light weapons.

This part contains also a part dedicating to display the medals and decorations of members of Muhammad Ali family.

4 – Presidential Gifts Museum houses the gifts received to Egypt spanning from the president Mubarak till the president Al-Sisi in national celebrations and events. 

Abdeen Palace is considered one of the luxurious royal palaces in Egypt. Enjoy it with Explore Egypt Tours with its various Cairo day tours.

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