Egypt has 6 oases located in the western desert such as Al Fayyum Oasis, Bahariya Oasis, Farafra Oasis, Kharga Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, and Siwa Oasis. All of these oases distinguish with its natural and charming beauty, unique history, and therapeutic tourism.

Al Fayyum Oasis

Al Fayyum oasis mixes between natural beauty, ancient history, and heritage. It is located at 70 Km southwest of Cairo. The history of Al Fayyum began during ancient times, but the golden age of this oasis started when it became the capital of ancient Egypt (named Itjtawy) during the 12th dynasty, Middle kingdom.

Al Fayyum has a lot of tourist destinations such as Lahun Pyramid, Hawara Pyramid, Valley of the Whales or Wadi El- Hitan, Wadi El-Rayan Protectorate, Lake Qarun Protectorate, Qasr Qarun or Qarun Palace, Karanis City, Tunis Village, Waterwheels in Al Fayyum, and Gabal El-Medawara.

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Bahariya Oasis

The history of Bahariya Oasis distinguished with producing a lot of goods such as cereals, dates, olive oils, and wine, and using as a trading route during ancient Egypt history and Greco-Roman period.

When you visit Bahariya Oasis, you can enjoy safari trips in White, Black Deserts, and the Crystal Mountain and visiting the valley of the Golden Mummies.

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Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis was an important point on the trading route between the Western Desert and the Nile Valley. It is considered an isolated oasis so its community still maintaining its customs and traditions.

It distinguishes with the White and Black Deserts, and the Crystal Mountain. As well as it is famous for therapeutic tourism whereas it has sulfurous wells treating some respiratory problems. In addition, you can visit Badr’s Museum.

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Kharga Oasis

It is the capital of New Valley Governorate. As all Egyptian oases, Kharga Oasis was an important transit point for desert caravans going all the way back to the period of the 12th dynasty.

When you visit Kharga Oasis, you will be enjoying seeing Hibis Temple, The Museum of Antiquities of Kharga Oasis, The Cemetery of Bagawat, and The Temple of Qaser Al Zayyan.

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Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis is located between Farafra and Kharga Oases. It has considered the most place includes picturesque in the western desert whereas it has beautiful verdant gardens of dates and olives.

It is famous for containing different tourist destinations such as The Village of Mut, Deir El Hagar Temple, and The Village of Bashindi.

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Siwa Oasis

About 350 miles from Cairo located Siwa Oasis that is one of the most beautiful oases Egypt. It is located on the Egyptian border with Libya. It contains verdant gardens of dates and olives.

Siwa Oasis distinguished with its unique nature, culture, and history that can be noticed when you visit such as Temple of the Oracle of Amun, The Mountain of the Dead, Fatnas Island, Shali, the Great Sand Sea, and Dakrour Mountain or in Gebel Dakrur.

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