About 350 miles from Cairo located Siwa Oasis that is one of the most beautiful oases Egypt. It is located on the Egyptian border with Libya. It contains verdant gardens of dates and olives.

What is Siwa Oasis famous for?

Siwa Oasis distinguishes with its unique nature, culture, and history that can be noticed when you visit for:

Temple of the Oracle of Amun.

It was built during the 26th dynasty by King Ahmose II. It was popular for predicting the future so many visitors came to it in ancient times, and one of these visitors was Alexander the Great.

* The Mountain of the Dead.

It is a mountain holding tombs dating back to ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman periods. These tombs were carved in the mountain and one of the most beautiful tombs there is Si Amun tomb.

  • Fatnas Island 

  • is an amazing island that has spectacular views at sunset. Your guide will help you to take unparalleled photos there .

  • siwa

When you visit Siwa Oasis do not miss seeing Shali 

that is a wonderful tourist attraction, where you can climb the mound to enjoy seeing groves spanning in each direction and swimming in springs.

Siwa Oasis holds the Great Sand Sea 

where you will be enjoying sand boarding and a Desert Safari. 

Siwa Oasis is considered a protectorate whereas it is home for some of the endangered animals such as Fennec Fox and Acinonyx jubatus.

Additionally, Siwa Oasis is famous for therapeutic tourism whereas it has Dakrour Mountain or

Gebel Dakrur,

containing hot sulfurous wells for curing a lot of diseases such as arthritis, back pain, spinal pain, and rheumatism. 

Cleopatra’s Bath 

is one of these large stone pools and a popular bathing spot for locals as well as tourists.

Tourist Festival occurs every October or November in Gebel Dakrur. It takes three days. In this festival, Siwans are celebrating with the harvest, their friendships, and settle quarrels.