Wonderful agriculture in ancient Egypt.

Agriculture is essential for any community. In this article, we will recognize the role and importance of agriculture in the ancient Egyptians’ life that can be noticed in Pharaonic tombs as there is no tomb devoid of agriculture scenes referring to it was an essential part of the creation of ancient Egyptian civilization.

When did the ancient Egyptian know agriculture?

In the beginning, the ancient Egyptians lived in sporadic. But after the drought that resulted in the shrinking of the jungle, the deserts formed. Which forced mankind to live only along the riverbanks, learn agriculture, stability, and the civilization of Egypt began to begin.

What were the stages of agriculture in ancient Egypt?

What refers that agriculture was an essential aspect in ancient Egypt is the ancient Egyptians classified their year according to the seasons of agriculture that were:

1 – Flood Season (Akht): 

Ancient Egyptians waited for the flood every year to submerge farmland as the Nile River was one of the essential natural aspects resulting in the ancient Egyptians called it with (Hapi), worshiped it, and gave it the offerings.

Also, there was another god associated with agriculture as the god Osiris as it was mentioned that he was the first one to enter the agriculture to ancient Egypt.


In order to reducing the severity of flood; the ancient Egyptians built dams and dug canals, the 12th dynasty; the middle kingdom was famous for that.

2 – Sowing Season (Beret)

After the receding of the flood, deposited rich silt was remaining on the west and east banks of the Nile River, allowing the ancient Egyptians to begin in sowing in farmland.

3 – Harvest Season (Shomu)

When the ancient Egyptians started to collect their crops.

There was a goddess for harvest called (Renenet) who the celebrations were held for her during the harvest. 

In contrast, after the construction of the High Dam, Egypt cultivates according to summer and winter seasons as there are summer crops and winter crops.

What are the most important crops for the ancient Egyptian that he used to cultivate?

The ancient Egyptian knew many crops among them:

1 – Papyrus plant to produce papyrus papers.

2 – Wheat and barley for producing bread.

3 – Grapes to make wine

4 – Linen for producing clothes. In contrast, now we rely on cotton more in the garment industry.

What were the tools that the ancient Egyptian used in agriculture?

These tools that used by the ancient Egyptian were primitive:

Manual plow



Water wheel

Shadof is an Arabic word. It is a tool used in holding the water from down to up by using a bucket.

Cylinder Spiral used for transferring the water from down to up.

In contract now, Egypt has modern and advanced tools and techniques used in agriculture.

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