Amazing Al Moez Street is 1 of the oldest streets in Egypt.

Al-Moez Street and its beauty.

It is specifically located in the center of Cairo in the Al-Azhar area, where the street is bounded in the north by Bab Al-Nasr and Bab Al-Futuh, and from the south by Bab Al-Wazir, while in the east the remains of the ancient walls of Cairo. During your tour of Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street, you will be very impressed by the magnificent buildings and monuments that you have not seen before. The historical landmarks of Al-Moez Street are many and varied, and we promise you that you will spend your time visiting and exploring them, the most important of which is, for example, the Suhaimi House, which is one of the oldest houses in Cairo. Throughout the year, he visited Al-Aqmar Mosque, the smallest mosque in Cairo, which was built by the Fatimid Caliph Al-Amir Bi Ahkam Allah and then Al-Hakim Mosque by the Command of Allah, whose construction began by his father and then completed by him. At the entrance to Cairo.

Finally, after this interesting historical tour, make sure to eat any of the good-tasting Egyptian food, such as molokhia, Fattah, or koshary, in any of the restaurants of Al-Moez Li-Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street. Also, in Al-Moez restaurants some artists play oriental Egyptian music that will delight your ear while you eat. In some of these restaurants as well, as well as some street vendors, you can rent from them some folkloric Egyptian clothes to wear and take souvenir photos with, such as the fez for men and the wrapping sheet and the burqa for women and others.

Don’t forget that Al-Moez Street is full of Egyptian statues and artifacts, and you can buy them as souvenirs.

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