Learn how to cook like the locals, from the locals.

Cooking class

Enjoy an authentic cultural experience in Cairo with cooking classes. You can learn it at our hotel. You will also enjoy a view of the pyramids. Our team will welcome you in our hotel. where an expert chef will meet you and teach you practical cooking lessons focusing on traditional Egyptian cuisine.

You’ll combine a visit to the must-see Giza Pyramids with an intimate cooking class at our private hotel.

Then learn how to prepare traditional dishes in Cooking class. Afterward, you’ll eat and learn all about life in Cairo.

Culinary tourism represents an emerging element of the tourism industry. It includes all the traditional values associated with new trends in tourism.Respect for culture and tradition, authenticity and sustainability.

Culinary tourism is an increasingly expanding tourism sector.where tourists experience local foods and drinks from other destinations and cultures. In fact, trying new foods and dishes also means experiencing and learning about a new culture, so “cultural experience” is related to tourists’ desire to experience different cultures.

In scientific literature.The world called culinary tourists foodies because they seek an authentic and unforgettable experience through local foods and drinks.

Over the years, culinary tourism has become an emerging alternative to mass tourism, as culinary tourists increasingly try to gain new experiences in an active, distinct and unique way. of its kind rather than choosing to reach standardized tourist destinations. What turns out is that many holiday destinations around the world are highly sought after for their traditional foods and drinks.

In addition, many hotels, restaurants and tour companies offer cooking classes and food tours, which are a great way to learn about the local cuisine and have an unforgettable hands-on experience.

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