If you know where to look.You will find that Egyptian cuisine.It is one of the most famous cuisines in the world. As it contains many types of food.Delicious dishes. beans, falafel, koshari, pie, molokhiyya. However, if you dig a little further.You’ll discover culinary traditions.That often date back to ancient Egypt. In this article. We will learn about the various types of Egyptian food.


Then This viscid.Dark green stew.The Egyptians cooke it from the leaves of the jute mallow plant.Competes with koshari for the title of Egypt’s national food.You can sample Molokhiyya.Which is one of the most Egyptian dishes.They prepare it differently according to the customs.

This dish dates back to the Pharaonic er. it was one of a royal supper.


Although Egyptians will tell you that the most important ingredient in molokhiyya. The Egyptians create The stew by the long.Slow simmering of the leaves in stock with the addition of a butter-fried blend of coriander and garlic. Many home cooks say that the most crucial part of the cooking procedure is producing.A small gasp while adding the coriander and garlic mixture to convey your love into the pot. Without the crucial gasp.Your molokhiyya may go rotten. the inclusion of a garlic and coriander mixture that has been butter-fried.Rabbit or chicken are occasionally . they add it to the pot for a heartier stew. You will either adore.Or loathe molokhiyya.The one Egyptian meal that divides foreign visitors.Regardless of the form you encounter.


And then Koshari is a popular fast.Affordable dinner in Egypt. It’s a bowl of pasta, rice, black lentils. They toppe it with tomato sauce.They frie onions with it.And a large amount of garlicky vinega. Spicy chili sauce. Koshari is inexpensive and filling. Despite its tremendous popularity.Some people claim that koshari is not Egyptian cuisine.But rather akin to the Indian rice and lentil dish “khichdi.Which European visitors go to Egypt in the nineteenth century. when both Egypt and India were under British administration. But They elvolve this recipe after a while after onions.Sauces That they add to it.The Italian community added pasta to the mix. Today, many Egyptians consider this exotic but humble mixture their national dish.

Fuul mudammas

Fuul mudammas is a popular Egyptian breakfast.Then Every Egyptian cook has their own version of the recipe.But at its most basic.Then The egyptians cook it slow. They mashe fava beans with tomatoes, garlic, and cumin and give depth with drizzles of olive oil and lemon juice.So Fuul became a popular dish throughout the Middle East. Fuul has regional variants throughout the country.With fuul Iskandarani (Alexandrian style fuul: with chilli, peppers, and extra spice for added zing).


All world know Falafel.An Egyptian dish.That Egyptians make it entirely of plants. Fuul beans. which resemble kidney beans in texture, color, and flavor, are the principal ingredient.They grind the beans with onions and coriander, dill weed,spices until the mixture resembles dough after they soak them in water for the entire night to soften them. Then we fry a tablespoon of the dough at a time in hot oil. You can eat the falafel simply or load it with eggs. Fiery paprika, or other things. Furthermore, falafel is the most adaptable food.


Fiteer, Egyptians know it as Egyptian pizza.They create it with super-thin layers of flaky pastry.That are stuffed with a variety of various contents. They  bake it in a brick oven. Fiteer (pie) or feteer meshaltet is a mix of flour.Ghee, and other ingredients .They bake it in the oven together to form a layered pie.That leaves with a heavenly taste. It can be savory (filled with cheese, peppers, olives, tomato).Or sweet (honey and cream is the classic choice). Having a history.Dating back to Ancient Egypt.when they know it as “fiteer maltoot.” It was one of the Ancient Egyptians’ offerings to the gods in their temples.

Om Ali

This is an Egyptian delicacy.And then Egyptians make it with milk.nuts, and puff pastry.Or phyllo dough.Then Use a spoon to eat.It with your preferred type of nuts.suggests NANCY GIRGIS. According to legend.Om Ali was Ezz El Din Aybek’s first wife. Following the death of the sultan.A disagreement between the second wife and Om Ali led to the latter’s demise. Om Ali prepared this dessert .As a celebration and gave it to the locals.”