Port Said is one of the most important Egyptian ports overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered the entrance of the Suez Canal in the northeastern of Egypt. It distinguishes with its beaches making it receives the Egyptians and foreigners in the summer.

What is the history of Port Said?

After the construction of the Suez Canal, Ferdinand De Lesseps thought to build a city to be the entrance to this canal, so he decided to found Port Said city in 1859 and gave it the Khedive Said name.

What are sightseeing worth visiting in Port Said?

Suez Canal Authority building: This building was constructed in 1895. It distinguished with a unique Islamic architectural design that made it one of the landmarks of the city of Port Said. The building was the headquarters of the administration of the Suez Canal and used for monitoring the passing of ships through the canal.

The old lighthouse: Khedive Ismail built it in 1869 for guiding ships crossing through the Suez Canal. This lighthouse has great importance as it was the oldest concrete lighthouse in the world.

The Obelisk of Martyrs: Port Said martyrs memorial is a memorial war founded for the Martyrs who killed in the battles of the tripartite aggression during the Suez war and protecting their homeland. It takes the shape of an ancient Egyptian obelisk.

The Base of the Statue of De Lesseps: the De Lesseps’ statue was established in 1899. After the Egyptian revolution against Britain and France army on December 23, 1956, and prevented them to enter Egypt, the Egyptians removed the statue from its base. December 23, 1956, became the national celebration day of Port Said.

You can visit Port Said with Explore Egypt Tours either through a day tour or shore excursions tour during your journey in the Mediterranean Sea.