The Nubian Village in Aswan is considered one of the most beautiful places in Aswan. In addition, when you visit it, you will find many activities to do. Now we will know information about the Nubian village in Aswan or West Sohail, as its people and visitors like to call it, one of the Egyptian villages that were established and formed in harsh conditions, to overcome all suffering and become today one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Aswan.

What can I do when I go to the Nubian Village?

  • When you go to the Nubian village of Aswan and return from West Sohail, usually by sailboats that ply their way on the beautiful Nile River, you can enjoy a wonderful Nile cruise during which you take dozens of happy souvenir photos.
  • Then when you arrive at the Nubian village, you will see a unique shrine. You won’t wander around the place for a few hours and then go away, but rather stay here and live here in pure Nubian houses of shape and style, exquisite in view and beautiful colors, designated for guests, with all the necessary mechanisms and service facilities, where the owners receive you with a great welcome, affection and kindness, and a smile that makes its way to your hearts immediately, and this doesn’t negate the possibility of visiting and leaving on the same day, but honesty and professionalism oblige us to remind you of the most wonderful and most enjoyable activities, and therefore overnighting in the village is the most important activity in it.
  • If you decide to stay overnight in the Nubian village in Aswan, you will first take off your clothes and wear loose Nubian clothes of bright, light colors, men, women, and children, in which you rest while standing and sitting, and they will transport you to an atmosphere of simplicity and peace of mind. The Nubian atmosphere saves you from anxiety and tension. You will live in a natural environment and rely on natural ingredients in food. And you eat food cooked on stoves of wood and straw and served to you in clay pots on bamboo tables or wooden pallets that you circle sitting on the ground, and you drink of oil and will, as you drink tea and coffee on terraces furnished with soft mats or kilims woven in Nubian colors and drawings. The terraces are shaded by treetops and directly overlook the Nile. While wandering, you will be greeted by dozens of young prophetic women who specialize in henna painting for women and children, choose one of them and be happy with a beautiful tattoo. Roaming in the streets and alleys of West Sohail and on the bank of the Nile, especially at the hour of the day, is a tourist activity that has its splendor and brilliance and its benign motives to relax the soul and rid it of the inconvenience of work and exhaustion throughout the year. Every evening the village square will wait for you to enjoy concerts, tambourines, folk dances, acrobatics, and barbecues, knowing that you will only play the role of spectator, but also participate and rejoice.