Unforgettable Safari in Siwa

The enigmatic Siwa Oasis is situated on the outskirts of the Great Sand Sea. only 50 kilometers from Egypt’s border with Libya.

Siwa is a little town in comparison to Cairo, which has a population of 25 million people. Siwan District has a population of around 25,000 people and appears to be even smaller. However, despite its small population, there are plenty of fantastic things to do. Siwa has a lot to offer visitors, including hot and cold springs, massive sand dunes, and an interesting history. Siwa may not be the easiest spot to get to in Egypt. But once there, you will not want to leave. We suggest a few points and experiences you should not miss.

The Shali Castle

Shali Castle, as it is affectionately, many locals know it, is situated in the heart of Siwa. It’s like stepping back in time as you walk around this ancient and majestic city made of clay and salt. Shali Castle, built on a hill, was the center of Siwanese life for over 800 years. When modern life encroache on the ruins of Shali Castle. Many residents used the original house walls to blend them into their more modern structures. As the new and old cities merge, this creates a distinct gradation of ages.

You can still climb to the top of the castle for spectacular views of the city and admire the incredible urban design for yourself, as well as walk around the castle.

Then The tombs of the Mountain of the Dead

It is one of the most mysterious and fascinating places to visit in Siwa. You will be able to visit tombs such as that of a Pharaonic king .His family during your visit to the Mountain of the Dead.

 la montagne des morts

Then The sunset from Fatnas Island (Fantasy Island)

The breathtaking desert sunsets are among the best in the world. You will not expect to be on the edge of the Great Sand Sea watching the sunset on an island in the middle of a lake during your visit to Siwa Oasis; however, you will be able to do so in Siwa.

Alexander’s Temple

And then The Temple of the Oracle is one of Siwa’s most important temples. Also tle locals know it as the Amun Temple.Alexander the Great visited the temple of Amon. Where he was told he was Zeus’ son. Alexander used this information to strengthen his grip on the region.

Swimming in the Siwa Salt Quarry (Salt Lakes)

In Addition in Safari in Siwa Oasis is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Egypt and the Arab world.

Then It is undoubtedly one of the most magical places in Egypt. Also known as Siwa Pool. It is an oasis of beauty and spirituality in the middle of the vast Western Desert. This salt lake, with its crystal clear waters that reflect the blue of the sky.It is a true jewel hidden among the desert dunes and offers an unmissable natural spectacle as it extends for 70 kilometers.

Lake Siwa is located a few kilometers from the Libyan border, and is fed by the thermal springs of the surrounding area. which makes it different from all the other lakes and rivers in the region.

So Local people of Siwa believe that it is a place full of spirituality and helps in healing from many diseases due and beautiful waters. Its water appear to have healing powers and are able to cure diseases and heart problems. the lake water is rich in minerals , salts and has beneficial effects for the skin and body.

We know that Siwa lakes have various therapeutic properties. As many use them to treat breast, skin, and eye diseases. Siwa Lakes are a medical treatment due to the concentration of salts in the water. Therefore, it represents one of the types of medical tourism intended for tourists from all over the world. Moreover, it is a place to relax.


The Well of Cleopatra.

With so many natural springs in Siwa, it is difficult to understand why Cleopatra  so revered by the locals. However, it is at this inner-city hot spring that many locals learn to swim for the first time. Cleopatra never visited the well, but the legendary Egyptian queen used the spring water in her own baths.

Safari and SandBoarding

One of the most incredible things to see in the Siwa Oasis is the Great Sand Sea. Most excursions through the Great Sand Sea include visits to some of the natural hot and cold springs scattered across the landscape. And, of course, you’ll most likely end up cruising around the world’s biggest sandbar in an old Toyota Land cruiser while checking several times to see if you’re wearing your seatbelt.

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