Wonderful Abydos temple is 1 of the most great places.


In the beginning, you got to know with us the location of the temple. As it is located in Sohag Governorate, in the south of Egypt on the west bank of the Nile and its location is 12 km from the center of El Ballina.

Abydos temple

When you visit the temple, you will see the design of the temple is different and dazzling. Its design is unique and differs from the rest of the temples in Asra. As its design is in the form of a right angle, or in the form of the letter L, as for the Holy of Holies. Which is the main compartment in the temple located perpendicular to the courtyards and halls of the temple.

As soon as you enter the temple, you will see seven chapels for deities, and two halls for the pillars. The front hall of which has deep inscriptions, while the interior is distinguished by its prominent notations. As well as the accuracy of the descriptions and decorations depicted on its walls and its color retention.  It is carried on 36 granite columns and includes the list of kings (which is called in the sources the Abydos List).  The south and this temple differ from the rest of the ancient Egyptian temples in the era of the modern state. Where the temple is characterized by the presence of two axes. The first part from east to west, and the second axis from north to south, this was not found in other temples.

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