Ibn Tulun Mosque or Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque or Tuluni Mosque.

Why should you visit the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque because it is one of the famous archaeological mosques in Cairo, where the mosque is located in Ahmed Ibn Tulun Square in the Sayeda Zainab district, which was built by Ahmed Ibn Tulun in the year 263 AH/877 AD in his new city, Al-Qata“

The walls of the mosque’s mihrab are characterized by marble mosaics that you enjoy watching, and they are topped with a ribbon of glass decorations with inscriptions in Naskhi script, and it dates back to the era of Sultan Lajin.

The Tulunid Mosque is famous for its distinctive minaret, the only one of its kind that you have not seen before, and there is no parallel among the minarets in Egypt.  The minaret was designed according to the ancient heritage, which is 40.44 meters high from the surface of the earth, in the style of the twisted minaret in the Iraqi city of Samarra, and an external ladder is wrapped around it that reaches its roof.


The Ibn Tulun Mosque is located in a slightly elevated area on Al-Khudairi Street in the Sayeda Zeinab district, Cairo, Egypt