Get to know with us the ancient city of Aswan, which includes the most famous places, shrines, and temples that you have to visit. The ancient Egyptians called it “Sono,” which means the market. Then it was distorted to become the current name Aswan. It also includes the Temple of Abu Simbel, which was built by King Ramses II, the most important archaeological site. Aswan spoke about the phenomenon of orthogonality, which attracts the eyes of the world twice a year, and also includes the Temple of Philae, which is considered one of the most prominent archaeological areas as well. It includes several temples dating back to the reign of King Thutmose III, most notably the Temple of Isis. It has the largest share in archaeological discoveries this year, and Aswan Governorate is the first source of water and electricity in it, the largest project in the history of the Ministry of Irrigation, the High Dam and its artificial lake, which is the largest artificial lake in the world and is the Water Bank of Egypt. As Aswan Governorate is characterized by cultural and therapeutic tourism, sand is a destination  For patients with rheumatism and orthopedic diseases, and the best evidence for you is the Aga Khan cemetery, which reflects the importance of preservation in medical tourism. And the Nubian Museum, which tells the Nubian culture. And many other monuments. Indeed, it is an ancient city