The temple of Dendera or Hathour Temple at Dendara is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt. It is located on the west bank of the Nile River in Qena city, north of Luxor. You can visit it easily after finishing your day tour in Luxor city.

What is the history of Dendera Temple?

Dendera temple is one of the most amazing temples in Egypt. The current temple dates back to the Greco-Roman period, but it was found remains dating back to the first dynasty.

This temple is dedicated to worshipping the goddess Hathour as a goddess of joy, maternity, music, and love. Besides, the Greeks likened between Hathour and Aphrodite.

What is the design of The Temple of Dendera?

When you visit Dendera temple, you will start with the first gateway constructed by Roman Emperor Domitian, then the great hall holding columns decorated with the face of Hathour, and the second hall containing two storerooms used for storing the wine that came from Fayoum and Kharga oases. Finally, you will see the Holy of Holies of the temple triad (the goddess Hathour, the god Horus, and their son Ihy) and enjoy an amazing ceiling decorated with stars.

Here the stairs are leading to the roof of this temple where several festivals occurred. The sides of stairs are decorated with reliefs represented the 12 months of the year. On the roof of Dendera temple, you can see the chamber of the god Osiris showing he returned from the dead and became the god of the underworld. Besides, in this chamber, you will be fascinated with the zodiac.

What is unique in The Temple of Dendera? Dendera temple distinguishes with its reliefs that still well preserved. These reliefs depict astronomical representations such as the goddess Nut, the goddess of the sky, who is bending herself towards the earth, the sun disc shining on the Hathout face.

As well as a representation the sun boat, star goddess.

Additionally, the most amazing relief showing the zodiac containing the twelve figures of ram, the bull, the heavenly twins, the crab, the lion, the virgin, the scales, the scorpion, the archer, the goat, the watering pots and fishes with glittering tails. It is important to notice that the original zodiac was transferred to the Louvre Museum in Paris.

In one of the rooms of this temple, you can see unique reliefs. It is called the Dendera Light Bulb that makes us ask a question. Did the ancient Egyptians know the electricity? Our tour guide will tell you about that. 

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