Wonderful Dahshur is 1 of the most great places in Egypt.

The Necropolis of Dahshur is located about 40 kilometers southwest of Cairo, on the west bank on the Nile. In Dahshur you can see the architectural development that can be noticed from the displaying of the steps that the ancient Egyptians followed for building and reaching for the complete pyramid.

What is can be seen in Dahshur?

Dahshur is host to a large number of ancient Egyptian burials, but it is probably most famous as the home of the king Sneferu pyramids; the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid of the 4th dynasty, the Old Kingdom. But also it hosts royal burials that date back to the middle kingdom, 12th dynasty such as the pyramid of king Amenemhat II who built his pyramid close to the Old Kingdom mastabas, the pyramid of Senusert III (Sesostris III) and the pyramid of Amenemhat III.  Additionally, it has A number of officials and members of the royal family also placed their tombs at Dahshur to the east of the two pyramids of Sneferu. Among them is the tomb of Kanefer, the son of Sneferu, and the Vizier Sa-Iset. 

What is the Bent Pyramid?                        

The Bent Pyramid dates back to king Sneferu who is the father of Khufu, the founder of the 4th Dynasty, at the end of the 26th century BC. And what the special in the Bent Pyramid is:

– The Bent pyramid is considered a step for reaching to the complete and real pyramid so the ancient Egyptians tried out to find the correct angle of inclination for construction the real pyramid, this trial can be noticed in the middle of the pyramid, whereas in the middle of the construction process they found that the angle of inclination was not correct so they decided to change it that made the pyramid appears in this shape and is gotten this name. 

– This pyramid still has much of its limestone casing that allows the visitors to imagine how the casing of the pyramids looks like. 

What is the Red Pyramid?

The Red Pyramid also dates back to the king Sneferu. It is located a few kilometers north of the Bent pyramid. In this pyramid, Sneferu decided to correct the mistakes that were made in the Bent Pyramid and Meidum Pyramid to be the first true and complete pyramid in ancient Egyptian civilization by using the same angle of inclination that was used in the upper part of the Bent pyramid. Additionally, it is named the Red pyramid due to using rocks that have a red color in construction. 

What is the Black Pyramid?

The Black Pyramid dates back to the king Amenemhat III, 12th dynasty, the middle kingdom. It is known with the black pyramid because it is built by mud bricks so, unfortunately; this pyramid is at risk of collapse because of the many architectural mistakes in its construction. an addition to, as usual, in most of the pyramids of the middle kingdom, this pyramid distinguishes with the existence of mazes that help hide the burial chamber from grave robbers.

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