Explore Egypt Tours presents this article about the step pyramid to publish that the pyramid is opened for the tourists after 14 years of restoration.

The step pyramid is Egypt’s oldest stone pyramid in ancient Egyptian civilization. This pyramid was built by King Djoser at Saqqara during the 3rd dynasty, old kingdom, at 2700 BC. It was designed by Imhotep, the architect of Djoser. It consists of 6 steps getting smaller in size as the steps ascended.

What can be seen inside the step pyramid?

Now the pyramid opens its doors for the public to enter it. Explore Egypt Tours present for you some of what can be seen inside the step pyramid.

The Pyramid has three entrances, North, East, and South. The northern entrance is the main entrances built during Djoser period, while the southern one was built during the 26th dynasty for discovering what was inside the pyramid.

The pyramid is opened for the public from the south entrance which leads directly to the central shaft that takes approximately 28 meters where the visitors will be able to explore Djoser’s sarcophagus from the top. The burial chamber was built from the red granite. There was a hole in the ceiling of this camber used for dropping the king’s corpse. Now, this hole is closed.

Now, let me tell you about the secrets of the pyramid, behind the scene, the part will not be open for the public.

In some of these rooms in the 3rd level, there are some inscriptions for King Djoser showing him as ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt performing Heb-Sed festival rituals. Heb-Sed festival means the jubilee feast and it aimed to ensure that the king would be able to rule the country for the next 30 years.

While in the 4th and 5th levels 40 meters deep below the step pyramid, there are several tunnels cover a kilometer square. These tunnels hold a lot of mystery about the step pyramid, and it needs more excavations and studies.

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