Egypt is preparing for receiving a great touristic event at the end of 2020 which is transferring the royal mummies from The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to a new place where National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC). NMEC will receive 22 royal mummies for both ancient Egyptian kings and queens who are “Sknin Ra – Tuthmosis I – Ahmose Nefertari – Amenhotep I – Tuthmosis II – Queen Hatshepsut – Tuthmosis III – Amenhotep II – Tuthmosis IV – Amenhotep III – Ramesses II – Merenptah – Seti II – Sabah – Ramses IV – Ramses V – Ramses IX- Seti I”. These mummies will be displayed in a new concept whereas each king will be exhibited beside parts of his collections discovered in his tomb. This display will allow visitors to identify on kings’ personalities through their images and treasures. 

How does Cairo prepare to receive that great event?

These mummies will be transferred in a great royal procession whereas it will be on newly manufactured Pharaonic-style war wheels pulled by purebred Arabian horses, the Republican Guard teams will fire gunshots and do military shows for celebrating. All buildings in the entire area of Cairo and the surrounding streets will be painted with one color as preparing for receiving this royal procession.