4 Amazing Facts about White and Black desert.

The white sand desert stretches for 20 kilometers. It is crossed by the road linking Bahariya and Farafra. A sparkling hill known by locals as “Crystal Mountain” marks the entrance to this mineral site.

The ocean floor has been here for millions of years. The white rocks are the remains of tiny marine organisms. Wind and sand have transformed the former sea floor into something resembling the surface of another planet over the centuries.

The White Desert

It is one of the most famous regions of Western Sahara. It is a place of breathtaking beauty. With its white chalk formations it creates a unique landscape.

Why did the locals call this area the White Desert?

This desert gets its name from the layer of chalk and limestone. Which partially covers the landscape.

The White Desert is a nature reserve located in the Farafra Oasis, 500 kilometers from Cairo. Egypt has classified it as a nature reserve since 2002. Locals called it the White Desert because of the presence of white sandstone rocks. It also contains large chalk boulders and very unique sand formations caused by sandstorms in the area.

“The combination of white sand and sunshine makes the White Desert a unique place. In addition, it is a very safe place with no dangerous animals.” Mushroom formations are among the most numerous in Egypt’s White Desert.

With beautiful sand dunes, vast desert plains and stunning rock formations. Egypt’s mysterious and majestic Western Desert is a fascinating place. It is a place of adventure and opportunity for travelers interested in exploring the region. It allows desert and nature lovers to enjoy some unique activities such as sand surfing, camel riding, and others.

The White Desert is a unique site. You can’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world. It is actually white in color due to the rock formations that create an unusual contrast with the yellow desert sand. The desert, with its snowy landscape, resembles the North Pole at night, especially when illuminated by the full moon.

The White Desert is also famous for its stunning mountain formations, the most notable of which is the white rock balancing on a pillar. All of these formations are made entirely of limestone, which has been forming them for thousands of years.

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