On 21 Jun 2020, a new discovery from South Sinai came out to the world whereas the Egyptian explorer Samer Samuel discovered a cave through his searches in South Sinai. It is an archaeological cave holding many ancient colorful inscriptions that back to 10,000 years BC. These inscriptions were drawn with red color. 
This cave is located between Saint Catherine and Serabit al-Khadem in Al-Zaranij which is approximately130 km from Dahab. 

What is the description of this cave?

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities reported that this cave is the first of its kind to be discovered in the South Sinai, and its depth is about three meters, 3.5 meters tall and 22 meters wide. 
Additionally, it is mentioned that it is found in this cave animal remains referring that this cave is used as a shelter or a home for the Bedouins and animals. 

What are the classifications of the inscriptions in this cave?

The archaeologists divided the inscriptions drawn with red ink in this new cave into:

  • The first section is the oldest layer in the cave dating to 5,500 and 10,000 years BC, it is characterized by the dark red color, these inscriptions are more realistic proportions than others, the inscriptions are such as donkeys and mules and handprints are depicted. 
  • The second section backs to the Copper Age characterized by depicting women. 
  • The third dates back to the AD time and presents people with the Howdaj (a bed carried by camels).