The Opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum the GEM

At the end of 2020 Egypt waits for the greatest cultural event. it will be the opening ceremony of the fourth pyramid of Giza Plateau the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) that is considered the largest museum in the world dedicated to one civilization.

How was the museum building constructed?

This GEM design was chosen through an architectural competition from 1557 contestants from 82 countries around the world what and this made it occupy the second position in the largest architectural competitions in history. The competition was completed on the 2nd of June 2003 and the award went to Heneghan Peng Company from Dublin, Ireland, and is considered as an engineering masterpiece and it was chosen because it is matching with the surrounding archaeological area whereas the building takes the form of a conical. 

The building is about 150 meters high to see the entire pyramids area, on an area of approximately 117 acres which is about 2 km west of the Giza Plateau and the pyramids. Approximately it costs one billion dollars. 

The museum is distinguished by the presence of a large courtyard, full of attractive plants, which gives a wonderful appearance to the museum from the outside. One of the hallmarks of the museum design is the transparent stone wall made of alabaster that consists of the front facade of the museum and when entering the building there is a large hallway where large statues and relics are displayed.  

The construction work has been completed in the project and currently, the final touches are being prepared in preparation for the opening. 

What is the display concept?

There are 200 conservators are working 24/7 for preparing to the opening and restore each object to enter the museum whereas the storages are designed to fit thousands of artifacts in a way that provides the protection to it according to the new methods, there are 17 conservation labs are divided according to the types of artifacts. 

The collections that the museum will hold were restored in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir and other Egyptian museums. These collections back from Prehistoric times until Greek-Roman era, and what the unique in this museum will be displaying the entire Tutankhamun’s collection that contains 5000 objects for the first time in one place for during its discovery in 1922 by Howard Carter in the valley of the kings the public in a new display concept. 

The GEM will include over a hundred thousand antiquities from the history of Egypt including 25 thousand objects that will be displayed for the first time in 14 halls for contemporary display and four halls for temporary exhibitions; it will be partially opened with the halls of Tutankhamun’s collections. 

Firstly; there is the Obelisk Square that displays the obelisk, then Ramses II hall then the museum building that is divided into two parts; the first part contains the facilities, food court, conference building, then the second part that starts with the grand stair that displays the colossal statues to welcome the visitors of the museum, then the museum display halls the contain the collections. 

The GEM will be a small museum for children museum that has replicas to enjoy and help them to easily absorb information, educational department center, and the display will include the new technological methods and devices such as the virtual reality and interactive technological devices that display the collections and content it with its provenance. 

How will The Ceremony Day run?

The event that was reported by many news means around the world was the moving of Ramses II statue from Ramses Square to be the first object that was placed in this new edifice January 2018 in a great ceremony. 

An opera show will be performed will be named “Tutankhamun’s opera” along the lines of “Opera Aida”, the famous musician Zamboni and the Italian screenwriter Santocono will perform a show also. This show will be shown in various world operas after the opening.  

A true story on the land of Egypt will be written and Zahi Hawass will present a dramatic epic for a true story about the story of the life of the Egyptian Young King Tutankhamun and his relationship with his father Akhenaten. 

The duration of the ceremonies will take 12 days beginning with the first day that world leaders will attend, so Explore Egypt Tours invite you to involve us and submit on this day tour to enjoy this great time in Egypt History but the whole world. 

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