Al-Alamein city is located in Marsa Matrouh governorate on the west of Alexandria; it has several beaches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in addition to a unique history that makes it an important destination for both the Egyptians and tourists. 

What is the history of Al-Alamein city?

  • We know a little about the ancient history of this city except for the discovery of the necropolis that backs to the Greco-Roman period.  
  • But the cause of the fame of Al-Alamein city is that it hosted two important battles in Egyptian history during World War II.  

World War II was between Axis troops (Germany, Italy, and Japan) against the Allies (France, Britain, Russia, and the United States of America) from 1939 to 1945.

What was the role of Al-Alamein city in World War II?

  • The first war took place from August 31 to September 7, 1942, between Britain against Germany and Italy.
  • While the second war occurred from October 23 to November 4, 1942, between Britain against Germany and Italy.  Both of those wars ended with the victory of Britain.

What can be visited in Al-Alamein city?

  • You can visit Al-Alamein Museum exhibiting the two wars of the city of Al-Alamein through displaying photos, maps, and some of the weapons used in these wars by troops. The museum is divided into three sections (the German section – the Italian section – the Commonwealth section). 
  • The Commonwealth cemeteries of troops from different countries who died during the two wars of Al-Alamein city. Additionally, it is should be mentioned that there are other Commonwealth cemeteries in Salah Salem in Nasr City. Visit these cemeteries may you find the name of one of your relatives among them. 

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