Wonderful Mysterious Baron Empain Palace in Cairo.

Who is Baron Edward Empain?

Baron is a title that was given by the king of France to Edward Empain because of his efforts in the establishment of the Paris metro.  The Belgian Millionaire Edward Empain was passionate about traveling constantly.  He traveled to several countries until he arrived in Egypt at the end of the 19th century.  He decided to remain in it until his death and willed to be buried in Egypt.  So Baron Empain searched for a place to build his own home in 1911 (Baron Empain Palace).  Additionally, he proposed creating a new city in the desert, linked to the downtown area by a tram, which was named Heliopolis that means the city of the sun. 

What are the mysteries around the Baron Palace?

There are a lot of fairy tales that people weave around this terrifying Baron Empain Palace such as:

  • There is a room in Baron Empain Palace is called the magic room or the pink room.  After Baron Edward Empain’s sister killed in the palace by throwing from the balcony, he entered this room and forbade anybody to enter it. He practiced in it the Ouija ritual or summoned his sister’s soul as his daughter did but it the basement. 
  • There is a room in Baron Empain Palace is named the room of the blood. It is said that in this room Helena (Empain’s daughter) holds her meetings for worshiping demons. This room is called the room of the blood because possibly of animals sacrificed during these worship activities. 
  • The palace has become a haven for demons because people who the surrounding of the palace hear screaming voices come from it and see fire goes out from the palace, and when someone approaches the palace, the fire extinguishers automatically. 

What is Baron Empain Palace?

Baron Empain Palace was built in European and Indian style especially the famous Cambodian temple of Angkor that is can be noticed in its decorations that have European features that were taken from Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo’s works and Indian figures that refer to several Indian myths such as Indian elephants and Buddha statues and the long domes. 

What should you see in Baron Empain Palace?

  • The palace tower which is based on ball bearings spins above the moving wheels so that the palace including the wraps each hour to see everything that goes on around it.  Now this tower stops winding. 
  • The existence of ancient archeological hour is said to be unmatched, but the Royal Buckingham palace in London.  It describes the time in minutes, hours, days, months and years with the clarification of the moon changed and temperatures. 

It consists of three floors:

  • The basement floor has the kitchen and room of the servants. 
  • The ground floor contains the reception hall, the dining room, and the billiard room. 
  • The first floor has bedrooms that attached to its bathroom. 
  • The roof was used in the concerts held by the baron. 
  • The tower is attached to the palace by a wooden ladder.  It consists of 4 floors.  

Baron Empain was sick with epilepsy and was having an epileptic seizure many times, and died on July 22, 1929, and was buried in Basilica Church where was near from the palace, and since that date, the palace suffered from neglect for decades, until the Ministry of Antiquities decided to restore and reopen it at 1st of July 2020.  

Explore Egypt Tours is pleased to present this mysterious landmark that the sun never sets. It is located in El-Orouba, El-Montaza, Salah Salem St., Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate. Visit Baron Empain Palace with Explore Egypt Tours by submitting on Baron Empain Palace day tour

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