Wonderful Tipping is 1 of the ancient customs in Egypt.

Tipping is expected and appreciated everywhere in Egypt – it is not just for tourists.  Some Egyptians call it Baqshesh. Tipping is an expression of your appreciation for another person and their efforts on your behalf.  While out of politeness, you are told it is at your discretion – it is actually expected and depended on.

Tipping is very important in Egypt since many of the Egyptian workers are not being paid much and rely on tips.

How to Tip?

There are 2 options for tipping:

1- Tipping Kitty: 

A tipping kitty takes away all the stress and worry … A tipping kitty of a specific amount of money can be suggested by the tour operator before traveling and it will be payable at the start of your tour and administered by the tour operator. It will cover all tips for guides, drivers, porters and hotel staff, cruise crew ….. etc.
You will not need to pay any more penny to anybody during your holiday from the start to the end because the tour operator who will be in charge of this.

2- Self-management:

We will tell you what amount is appropriate to pay. The guide (or if there is a volunteer from the group) is then responsible for handing out the tips along the way. The guide will tell you how much to contribute and what it will cover.
While the tip for the guide himself you should tip him/her at the end of the tour. It should be organized by one of the group – and handed to the guide at the end of the trip. If you are unsure how much to give, you can discuss it with your fellow tourists or even you can check with your tour operator.

Guidelines to Minimum expected tipping amounts in Egypt per person per day  

Tipping can be in Dollars, Euro or Egyptian notes but not coins as foreign coins cannot be exchanged or used to buy anything:

Tipping Per Person Per day based on the group (Start from 10 persons)

  • Tour Guide 10- 15US$ per person per day

  • Tour Leader 5- 10US$ per person per day 

  • Bus Drivers for tours 2 – 5 US$ per person per day

  • Tipping Per Person Per day based on individual tours 

  • Tour Guide 25- 50US$ per person per day 

  • Tour Leader 15 – 20US$ per person per day

  • Car drivers for tours 10- 15US$ per person per day


– Restaurant Waiter not less 5 US$

– Porter or Baggage Handler 2 – 4 US$

Hotels and Cruise Boats and Dahabiya

Nile Cruise Crew (most boats have a tip box in reception) not less than 10$ per day per person so for a couple it should be a minimum of 10- 20$ per day.  This is divided among all the crew/staff you do not see such as laundry, sailors, below deck, etc. but not managers. 

I hope the above helps you enjoy this particular Egyptian tradition.

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