Wonderful Cairo–Part One,the most beautiful places in Egypt.

Explore Egypt Tours is pleased to present Cairo’s several destinations to show you some of these wonderful landmarks to enjoy and know more about it. This article is the first one in a series of articles about tourist places that worth a visit in wonderful Cairo.

1) The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

What is the history of the Egyptian Museum?

This museum is the most famous landmark in Egypt that must be visited by tourists. It was built on November 15, 1902, during the Khedive Abbas Hilmi II reign. It holds great and unique ancient Egyptian collections spanning from the predynastic period to the Greco-Roman period.

The Museum building became an architectural masterpiece. Its design was selected from an international competition launched in 1895. The unique in this design is that it is mixing between ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman styles. 

What can be seen in the Egyptian Museum?

The museum displays more than 137,000 unparalleled artifacts on two floors. These unique collections are such as Thuya and Yuya treasures, jewelry of Tanis, the only Statuette for Cheops, and so on.  But the most valuable collections are Tutankhamen’s treasures and two rooms for royal mummies

2) Manial Palace Museum

Manial Palace Museum was built in 1929 to be the ruling seat when Prince Mohamed Ali would become the Khedive (the ruler), so the palace has a throne hall that can be visited. It was built by Prince Mohamed Ali who the second son of Khedive Tawfiq.

This palace contains six buildings that show the Islamic decorations from different Islamic periods such as Fatimid, Mamluk, and Ottoman, and different designs from Arab and European countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Turkey, and Andalusia (Spain).

This palace was changed to be a museum in 1955. It is an amazing royal building that worth visiting in wonderful Cairo

3) Nilometer in Manial

What is the history of the Nilometer?

it is called Nilometer or Al-Rawda Island meter. It is considered the second Islamic monument in Egypt after Amr ibn al-As Mosque that was built-in Al Fustat. It dates back to the Abbasid time during the Al-Mutawakkil period in 248. 

What is the purpose of the Nilometer?

It is considered as one of the Islamic water architecture. It aimed to record and measure the water level of the Nile River to determine taxes that the citizens would pay for the government, but it became non-used after the building of the High Dam because it stores the water behind it.

What is its description?

Nilometer is divided into two parts; the outer part is the dome that takes conical shape and forms, while the second one is the inner part, which is the well that takes a circular shape.

4) Cairo Tower or El Gezira Tower

What is the history of Cairo Tower

Wonderful Cairo Tower or El Gezira Tower is located at Gezira Island. It is considered as one of the most wonderful monuments in Egyptian modern history. It was built during Gamal Abdel Nasser period in 1961. This tower was designed on the lotus shape that is inspired by the ancient Egyptian civilization. Its height is 187 meters to be higher than the Great Pyramid of King Cheops which is 139 meters high.

What is unique in Cairo Tower?

From the last floor of Cairo Tower, you can enjoy setting in a rotating restaurant and seeing different monuments in Cairo from one place such as the Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the building the television, the Nile River, Castle Salah El-Din, and Al Azhar Mosque.  Additionally, there is a telescope to see these places closely. 

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